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Welcome to Millesimes cellar

Welcome to Millesimes cellar


About Us

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After Various experiences in other industries, founders of Millesimes cellar decided to create the company to share their passion for wine. Their international background and partner's old family roots from the south west of France plus his attachment to the Bordeaux region pushed them to launch this entrepreneurial project.

We are proud to give the best service to our customers with a wide selection from the finest wines and spirits in the world. Our customers meet entrepreneurs Who have a rigorous and flexible wine bossiness approach, having always in mind to look for the best quality wines and spirits according to the demand of the client's target market.

At Millesimes cellar, before considering any wine or chateau, We focus on customers needs in term of type of wines and appellations. We check with our customers their constraints in terms  of taste, grape variety, quantity,price, order frequency... Our priority is to serve customers at best and put all our efforts to match customers needs. As entrepreneurs,we are willing to build long-term relationships with our customers and to accompany them while growing their business.

"Wine Makes Every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, everyday more civilized." - A. Simon

About Us

Our Extensive Wine list includes

Unique  portfolio of old world wine specialy from Frace.

Our sommelier

Travel the world collecting only the fines wines and spirits to add in our list

millesimes cellar's wine professionals

work closely with companies marketing department to offer our clients a unique selection defined according to our target market.

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